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Gyms and Accessories

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$35.00 (Shipping charges apply)

You can be sure your birds will have hours of fun and exercise. The base is 25in X 11 3/4in.  The maximum height is 14in. All of the wood used on this gym has been cleaned and sanded, the bottom tray is very durable and cleans very easily. Perches are all 3/4in. The upper perch is wrapped in sisal for your birds to climb and chew. The sisal will also encourage younger birds to preen. The Two chew toys (included) are made of natural wood for your petís enjoyment.

$18.00 (Shipping charges apply)

This Gym is 12in X 12in Its has our very popular sisal wrapped perch with the natural wood chew toy. The sisal is 100% natural and is great for birds to help pass time. It also has a beaded abacus and a spinning ships wheel for you birds amusement. The base is made of durable easy to clean laminated wood. All edges are sanded smooth and clean

$7.99 (Shipping charges apply)

This cage top perch has been wrapped in sisal rope for your birds chewing pleasure. It's a full nine inches tall and the perch is 3/4in X 6in. The natural wood chew toy is included. The chew toy may vary in design due to the fact I cant seem to get the trees to grow the same ;)

$9.99 (shipping charges apply)

This 12in cage top Spiral perch attaches to your cage with a wing nut. Its made of all bird safe material and cleans easily. The Wooden Chew toy is also a favorite and will be included (Style may vary slightly). These chew toys are made from natural wood, and is cleaned then baked for your birds safety and health.

$14.99 12 X 12 (Shipping charges apply)

Breeder Designed for Ease and Efficiency

I used to purchase boxes from the local pet stores but I didn't care for the ones that had to be opened at the top. Until now nesting boxes have had one major design flaw, they open from the top. When you open one of those up the first thing most parents will do is jump at you. This can injure the babies. Lets not forget how easy it is for them to fly out. This design has a sliding door on the face for easy inspection of you babies this allows you to open the box with less chance of the parents escaping and they have no need to jump up and down to chase you away. This very light and durable box is made from Luan and pine. All the sides and corners are sanded smooth. The 4in hole is great for cockatiels, lovebirds and similar sized birds.

$9.99 (shipping charges Apply)

This dual-purpose cage accessory is a great chew toy and millet holder. I have been breeding birds for a few years now and my cockatiels love this. Why wouldn't they, it has natural wood, sisal, colorful beads, leather and it holds Millet, their favorite treat. (About 5 in of millet spray can be pressed between the dowels) This is also a favorite of my parakeets and finches. This is about 12in from top to bottom.

$8.99 (Shipping Charges Apply)

This Holder is also a functional toy made of safe pine and sisal rope. This gives my birds hours of exercise and fun. The millet is easily replaced buy cutting a spray in half (about 6in) and placing it between the dowels.

$8.99 (Shipping Charges Apply)

This toy has all the bells and whistles. Ok maybe not whistles but it does have a bell. This solid pine 4 1/2in. wide hoop is a full 3/4 in. thick and sanded clean. The pine shapes are great for your birds chewing activities and the colorful beads will help keep them interested for hours. These toys are hand made and the colors may vary. The beak of the bird grows constantly. For example, a parakeet beak grows several inches a year. The beak is worn down by eating, play or chewing activity. A bird that does not chew enough will have an overgrown or excessively flaky beak. This is about 11in. long