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Why We Breed
    We have been successfully breeding Cockatiels since late 1998 when we received our first pair as a gift. It didn't take long to become very attached to them, and then wonder how we ever got along without them. Cockatiels are absolutely one of the best companion birds available in their price range. When your new bird comes home you will very quickly learn that these are more than just great pets, they are members of the family.

Why buy from local breeders?
Let me ask you this. Why buy from a pet store at over-inflated prices. I have tried to sell birds to a few local pet store with no luck at all most of them have told me they get a better deal from the farms in Florida. The birds they sell and advertise as Hand-fed babies, nine times out of ten came from a large breeding farm in the south. What does this mean to you. It usually means you get a bird that has had little if any human interaction and most are not hand-fed and not all of them are babies. When a pet store buys birds this way they have no control over what they receive. They place an order and up to 50 birds will be shipped by air in a crate. So what does this mean to you? You get a bird that cannot be handled, played with or enjoyed. Not all pet stores do this but there are more than you might think.